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checkoff program

Created in 1959, the Oregon Beef Checkoff is a producer-funded marketing and research program designed to build the consumer demand for beef. This is accomplished through a combination of initiatives, including advertising, promotion, research, education and outreach, new product development, and a variety of other marketing tools. 

All producers selling cattle or calves, for any reason and regardless of age or sex of the bovine, by law must pay $1.50-per-head:

$1.00 – Per the National Beef Checkoff Program (1985 Farm Bill)

$0.50 – Additional per the State Checkoff (Oregon 2006 Law)

Under the National Beef Checkoff, we are required to send fifty cents of the first dollar collected to the Cattlemen’s Beef Board (CBB) for national programs. The remaining dollar is Oregon controlled. The Oregon Beef Council Board of Directors (OBC), who are industry nominated and appointed by the Director of Oregon Department of Agriculture for 3-year terms, provide financial oversight and determine how much of the in-state income should be invested in state, national and export programs.
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Also under the National Beef Checkoff Program, the Oregon Beef Council is legally responsible for collecting monthly assessments as well as a two percent late charge on Checkoff remittances if they are not received by the 15th of the month following the month of sale. No producer is exempt from the Checkoff.
Persons in non-compliance are subject to a civil penalty of up to $5,500 per transaction, plus un-remitted Checkoff dollars and interest.

Oregon beef council report

Thank you for the interest in the 2022 Oregon Beef Council Report. This publication contains information about research studies funded by the Oregon Beef Council, and conducted by faculty members from Oregon State University. For questions, suggestions, or comments regarding this publication, please contact David Bohnert, 541-573-8910 or [email protected].

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