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Oregon Beef Council is one of 22 commodity commissions that promote Oregon's agricultural products under the supervision of the Oregon Department of Agriculture. In 1986, the federal Beef Promotion and Research Act authorized the collection of a $1.00 per head Checkoff at the time of sale. Of each dollar collected, 50 cents is sent to the Cattlemen’s Beef Board located in Denver to fund national programs of promotion, education, and research. The other 50 cents is spent on Oregon programs for advertising, promotional programs and partnering with organizations such as the US Meat Export Federation.

On June 23, 2006, the Oregon Beef Council unanimously approved the proposed administrative rules required by House Bill 2656, which increases the Beef Checkoff in Oregon by 50 cents (making it $1.50). On July 3, 2006, the Oregon 50 cent Checkoff went into effect. 

This additional 50 cents, the Oregon "Five Dimes" has special legal requirements for how that money can be spent;

- Ten cents for rangeland research 

- Ten cents for animal science research 

- Ten cents for positive producer image 

- Ten cents for study legislation 

- Ten cents for administration

If you have questions about the collection or us of checkoff dollars, please contact the Oregon Beef Council office.

2023-2024 Council Members

John Flynn, producer in Lakeview 

John Seymour, diary producer in Cloverdale 

Curtis Martin, producer in North Powder 

Bill Hoyt, handler in Cottage Grove 

Doug Maag, feeder in Vale

Diana Wirth, producer in Klamath Falls 

Brittany Casperson, dairy producer in Boardman

Alex Paraskevas, public member in Independence