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Promoting the sale of nutritious, delicious beef throughout Oregon.

About Us

The Oregon Beef Council in Portland, OR is a group of Oregon cattle ranchers that came together to help promote delicious, nutritious beef. Whether you are a parent, looking for a healthy protein alternative for your child or are simply looking for a new recipe to share at family dinner, our organization is here to help connect you with the information you need. Since 1959, we have joined the other commodity commissions promoting the beneficial agricultural products under the supervision of the State Department of Agriculture.

Through our efforts, we endeavor to help share the benefits of a lean beef diet with the rest of the country and help promote the sale of delicious Oregon beef.

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Consumer Education

Want to learn more about the benefits of a lean beef diet? Our experts will help you find out which cuts of beef are best for you and your family.


Delicious Recipes

We have delicious beef recipes, fit for the whole year round! Browse through some of our mouthwatering offerings below.


For Producers

We also offer a number of resources for beef producers. If you are one of our Oregon cattle ranchers, browse through our state programs below to see what can help you.


Check Out Our Resources

We have a number of resources available to help keep you informed. Browse through our information and see if we can change your mind on beef!


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Contact Us

The Oregon Beef Council offices are located in the Hollywood Square Building in the historic Holl

1827 NE 44th Ave., Suite 315
Portland, OR 97213