The Masters of Beef Advocacy

Oregon Beef CouncilWe face a difficult challenge in the beef industry. The anti-animal agriculture activist community is hard at work raising concerns about the impact of beef production on the environment, the treatment of animals in food production, the role of beef in a healthy diet and the safety of the products we produce. They are passionate and vocal and well-funded.

But we have a great story to tell. Beef producers work hard every day to be good stewards of the land and their animals in providing safe and nutritious beef for America’s dinner tables. We need to be equally passionate and vocal in telling our story.

That’s what the Masters of Beef Advocacy (MBA) program is about…equipping beef producers across the country to tell their story in presentations to schools and church/civic groups, through local media and in the “virtual” world of the Internet.

Enter the Real World

Once you have completed all six courses you will be invited to join the Masters of Beef Advocacy Alumni Association – a virtual community for MBA graduates to log your advocacy activity and share stories with fellow MBA graduates, as well as download the latest talking points, fact sheets and presentations you need to be “everyday advocates.” This can be as simple as talking to friends, family and neighbors. Graduates also will be equipped to with tools to reach out to broader audiences in their communities by:

  • Giving Presentations – Schools, Civic Organizations, Etc.
  • Getting Active In The Online Environment – Posting Comments/Video On Web Sites, Blogging, Etc.
  • Participating In Media Interviews – Print And/Or Broadcast Media

Enroll Today!

All beef producers and industry allies with a genuine interest in promoting the beef industry are invited to enroll in the MBA program. You can enroll as part of a class, complete the program on a set schedule and attend a “commencement” training with the class; or enroll as an “at-large” candidate, complete the program on your own schedule and attend a group “commencement” scheduled in your state/region or at annual cattle industry meetings.

To enroll, fill out an application online. For more information, contact Daren Williams at the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (303-694-0305).

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