Consumer Beef Safety

Beef safety is the No. 1 priority for America’s beef producers. Collectively, the beef industry invests approximately $350 million toward beef safety research, interventions and testing every year. Despite progress in understanding and reducing pathogens like E. coli O157:H7, we recognize there’s more to be done and remain committed to advancing beef safety.

Oregon Beef CouncilThe Beef Industry Food Safety Council (BIFSCo), founded by America’s beef producers, brings together representatives from each segment of the industry to develop industry-wide, science-based strategies to solve the problem of E. coli and other food borne pathogens in beef. Through these and other efforts, every step of the beef chain remains dedicated to fighting the battle against food borne pathogens.

Consumers also have an important role in ensuring food safety in their own homes. By always cooking meat to the proper internal temperature; cleaning hands, cutting boards, utensils and countertops with hot, soapy water before and after handling meat; properly thawing frozen meat products; and separating raw meat and poultry from other foods, consumers can help ensure their food is safe.

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