Benefits of Using a Slow Cooker

Though it is rumored that 70 percent of households own a slow cooker, the concept can seem foreign to some who have never been introduced to Crock-Pot cooking.

But just one search on Pinterest and you will see the Crock-Pot revolution that’s taking place. Busy mom’s, working parents, and even college students who crave a home cooked meal all understand the benefits of slow cooker cooking: it saves time, money, space and energy!

Slow Cooker Benefits:

  • Saves Time. Slow cookers allow you to leave food unattended, so you can be cooking dinner while at work or school.

  • Enhances Flavor and Softens Meats. Slow cooking can help soften tougher (and often less expensive) cuts of meats.  The result is a robust, tender, delicious, one-pot meal.

  • It’s Good for Novice Cooks.  Using the lower temperatures of a slow cooker lessons the chance of burning foods or scorching them on the bottom.  It also allows you to put all your ingredients together at once, eliminating extra steps, utensils, and dishes.

  • Saves Space. Using a slow cooker relieves the need for an oven and stove-top, which is especially convenient when hosting or cooking a large meal, or helpful to dorm-occupying college students.

  • Easy.  Because slow cooker recipes are generally one-dish ideas, it’s an easy way to feed one–or many, with minimal cleanup.

If you are interested in giving the slow cooker a try, sample these delicious beef slow cooker recipes we recommend:

Slow Cooker Pot Roast Soup

Ingredients: 11

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