Instant Pot Beef Recipes

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Slow cookers have been around for decades and are beloved pieces of kitchen equipment for many households. The new trend is the Instant Pot, and if you’re not familiar with these devices; they’re a multi-appliance pressure cooker. Most can also sear, sautee, steam, cook rice and brown. It’s quite the handy-dandy appliance that has taken the food world by storm. There are hundreds of wonderful, juicy, tender beef recipes that can be created in the Instant Pot, and we’ve gathered a few here for your cooking and dining enjoyment.

Barbacoa Beef 



Bolognese (spaghetti sauce)

Chili – they claim it’s a good as Wendy’s… maybe even better.

Short Ribs

and of course dessert! Chocolate Pots de Creme, Rice pudding and Strawberry Cobbler should get you started in the right, mouth watering direction.

These, and more great recipes can also be found on our Pinterest board.

For more inspiration, Instant Pot also has an app available so those quick and ready recipes can be scrolled through on any smart/handheld device.

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