Big Game Beef Bites

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Do love watching the big game and spending the day with good company? Me too! Even better than a super game is super food, and beef (of course) makes that happen. Below is a list of my favorite “super party”, flavorful and crowd pleasing beef bites.

Nachos are an awesome finger food, but unless you and your guests all agree that if all the chips stick together, that’s one nacho, it can be difficult to get all the flavors in every bite. Problem solved with Cowboy Nacho Bites.

Chili Cheese Potato Skins are a mouth-watering way to get a lot of flavor into portable, crowd friendly bites. Skins can be prepped ahead of time, open a can of your favorite chili con carne, and assemble with toppings as guests arrive.

Who doesn’t love a great philly cheese steak? Even more importantly, who doesn’t love their finger food fried? Welcome to flavor-town, Philly Cheese Steak Egg Rolls! Cruchy, cheesy, tender strips of beef and packed full of flavor.

Meatballs are ALWAYS a go-to finger food weather we have guests or not. Remember the key to good meatballs is fat, so opt for the 80% ground beef package for these. They can be simmered in sauce, added to pasta for a more hearty meal, stuffed into subs, or stuffed with cheese.

Another ultimate game day food in our house is sliders. Opting for pastrami over beef patties can add flavor and something new to offer the crowd.  Be picky about the rolls, go for soft and/or sweet over a plain and dry.

No matter the team you rout for, or the food that’s served, the best part of the big game is sharing the day with friends and coming together with good foo. Cheers to the day, your beefy finger foods and of course, your team winning!

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