Beef on a Budget

By: oregonbeefcouncil

Beef on the Table Beefs up my Wallet!

Do you want to feed your family healthy, nutritious, affordable meals? Of course! We all do. Adding lean beef to your daily diet helps with energy levels, concentration, and promoting a heart healthy lifestyle. It also can be budget friendly. Music to my ears! Considering we live on a budget every month, spending what we have to, saving what we can and living a happy balanced life. Knowing that I can go to my local grocery store and buy family packs of beef to prep and freeze makes my wallet sing!

With simple pantry staples, I can feed my family for $15 (or less) on any given night. Try finding a deal like that with take-out or restaurant service! The best part is knowing they are getting delicious beef; good for your body and mind beef. It makes me happy just knowing we are eating right and supporting our beef ranchers and producers. To get right to the point of the post, here are a handful of meal options you can put together for dinner or even breakfast. Enjoy!

You can view these and other budget friendly recipes at Beef.It’s What’s For Dinner

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